Values into Practice

mountain-2 copyWe believe that people with learning disabilities have the right to:


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Our mission and values are embedded in our belief that all people with learning disabilities have the right to always live with respect and dignity. This means recognising and understanding that people with learning disabilities should be able to access services that are responsive, respectful and meet their needs.

We recognise that it is very easy to produce words and sentiments stating our values and doing very little else. It is much more difficult to turn this into a reality for every single person and everyone we employ. Nevertheless, our mission and values are our promise to the people we support. We know that each and every one of us has an ability to influence change but we alone cannot make this happen. It requires one mind and one voice, with every part of the Westminster Society signed up to ensure that our values are practiced in everything we do, all of the time.

This is why we must continually challenge the way we work as employees and as an organisation as a whole. We must all think about what our values actually mean in practice for us as individuals and the teams in which we work. It is perhaps more challenging but in many ways more important, to also ask what practices are in direct conflict with our values and therefore what must change. Only in doing this can we all work together to ensure that our promises to the people we support are fulfilled.